Monday, November 29, 2010

The Start of something Good

What a night...You think negativity had it out for me cause of the way i shine in the darkness...Positive energy is the only way to get through ya day...Its the tough days where you dont wanna do anything but sit around and figure out your next move...well ive been planing my Audio attack on the masses for quite some time now...and i gotta say this plan is coming together slowly but its coming together...I want to share my talents with any and all the ears that live on this living breathing planet..Im gonna send out such a signal not only is it gonna be heard but its going to shake foundations...Its going to  make a home in your heart and mind :)
So it brings me to my next subject...REVERBNATION.COM Amazing website for musicians that want to be heard...and with that being seaid please feel free to drop by my page and take a listen to 2 tracks that ive put up... heres the link Please follow me on twitter @omniaudio and become a fan of my some love :)