Saturday, May 19, 2012

New music on the way !!!!!

Just got back from Vacation ..... Nothing better then getting away for awhile to clear the head and get some inspiration. Florida was awesome... started to work on somethings at the house down there. Brought the mobile studio ..... Thank god technology has gotten so advance where we have the ability to be mobile producers/performers. I must say I falling in love with this new program ableton. The creativity is just spilling from the dome. Glad I invested in it. Just another tool to plug into and tap the skys, and what's even dope is that I can use rewire for reason seamlessly! So smooth and tight !!! Plus I'm rawking the APC40 too which is a trip! You can do anything with this thing, truly a work of art as far as ingenuity and creative work flow is concerned. And its just sooooo fresh in the dark. I'm happy that my sound/style has not diminished at all. I'm currently working on a new album on the laptop. This thing got balls!!!! 3 songs are pretty much done. I'm just using my desktop to master and clean up.

In other news I've found true happiness in my life! Everything has been coming together very well. The wrench from work has been pulled out the machine so things will start to run smoothly again. I'm down to 188lbs from 230lbs ...feel healthy physically and mentally I feel incredibly Sharp and on point! I've hit new levels on all platforms. I've learn to keep my peace and focus on positive outcomes rather then thinking of the what ifs..... Life is short just get up and make it happen, no excuses. Excessive thinking in a negative state is poison to your soul, this includes the people you surround ya self with....we as humans have energy that we put out that can influence properties of materials , the world around us and the people there in... I want to leave a legacy of positive energy that will travel the universe and lives of others ... This is MY mission no one else's ... Ppl can try to take my Passion and Xerox it as there own, but it will seasonless, there will be no flavor, no soul, I am a original artist, a cosmic painter of sound, what is within me can not be duplicated. The years have proven this and my eyes and ears are witness to this. My sound is mine. I am secure in this statement for it is truth it is bold it is me.......


More to come
One love