Thursday, January 20, 2011

being real.....

Ya know I get these emails saying oh your dropping positions on Reverbnation you need your music to come out faster...granted I agree with getting my music out here ASAP....but I'm not letting a "numbered position" get me all frazzled....yes it nice to be in the top 100...I guess....but I make music to make music...don't get me wrong I would love to get paid for my talents and I believe in my heart that I will...but what's on my mind the most is translating what's inside of me to musical matter how long it takes....this is art ppl....this is love for your art/talent....I know that there's ppl out there that have ears open to receive a message that they have been longing to music brings that message of positives, and great energy /love and I hope you all can hear the large amounts of Passion I put into each track....with that being said next week I will be uploading the two new tracks of which I spoke of...and one might be available to download for a limited time...then when that's said and done...I will initiate my contract with website distributors inside and outside of reverbnation.....why limit yourself to one path...all paths lead to one destination...

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Year of the D.O.M.E

So the new year is here and its already off to a great a review from a local zine that interviewed me back in the day ...they are loving the new tracks..I posted a small quote from the zine on my Reverbnation page...I will post the full article once its up...finishing up on two new tracks...I know I've been saying that they will be up soon but I'm such a perfectionist....I need to be comfortable with the finished matter what it music means a lot to me....and I will continue to nurture and help them grow to there full utmost potential...nothing less then greatness & positivity....

Much love to you all in this new year!!!!
The year of the D.O.M.E

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