Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't be that guy/gal

I've been in many bands from nyc to California to Chicago to nj....played countless shows infront of thousands of ppl...and I've learned who I can stand and who I can't stand....I can work with anyone that has a "TRUE" LOVE for music and creates it for The sole purpose of creating...who I can't work with is ppl that get jealous of a persons talent because they have some deep rooted issues of low self esteem...if anything that person that has a talent you are envious about should inspire you to grow as a musician...I have had certain band members makeup rumours about me to get me kicked out of a band, all because they weren't true musicians and they felt I was stealing there "thunder" I'm sorry but if you looking for the spotlight and that's all your thinking about when your playing your instrument do yourself and the world a favor an burn your instruments...anyone reading this that is a "True" MUSICIAN/LOVER OF MUSIC will understand what I'm saying..stardom is for suckers!! I'd rather just shine bright all by myself with my love for musical creation then share a stage with unprofessionals...don't get me wrong I don't mind getting paid for what I do but the fact of the matter is I love music and rest of the reason why I do music is because the passion in me makes me wanna create music I don't care for the spotlight..
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