Saturday, October 8, 2011

Been away for what seems like a long time , but Ive returned :)

  • Wow October you've brought the Fall weather, Love this weather! I get to break out the Hoodies, Nothing better then a nice comfy warm hoodie and cup of Coffee (not starbucks ... Real Coffee!!) to get ya going. (:::SIDE NOTE::-Have you ppl seen the New Starbucks Size its called the Trenta!! First a fact about this drink that will make you think .. At 916 mL, the Trenta is actually larger than the average capacity of the adult human stomach with the adult human stomach with a average capacity of 900ml!!! Ppl starbucks is trying to kill you lol i mean look at this thing        

Trenta in Italian means "acid reflux"............jk ....but  i'll stick with my corner stand small cup of real coffee!

  •  Its funny i wasn't a big Coffee drinker till i started working in the City. Its like some subconscious thing that all New Yorkers have to have. Strange.... I'm more so a Tea Guy....But I digress. So i found out Ive been driving around with no rear breaks for like 1 yrs ( I Kidd you not) ... that's how bizzy Ive been that i haven't even noticed till i went to brake the other day and it sounded like a violin section tuning up for a horror movie. It was Bad lol. I thanked God that me and the wife were kept safe. So rather then pay out the ass for repairs I bought the rotors and Break pads and decided to throw some money my brothers way, hes the only "mechanic" i trust. So now its fixed! Woooot.....Exciting stuff right ::rolls eyes::: Hey man your here reading this so it must be interesting....
Well The ride into work today confirms that there are ppl in this world that have no common sense. I think its a lost trait. It never fails that no matter where i sit there has to be some person that has to talk on there phone loud!!!! I don't wanna hear how Keisha was sick and you had to hold her weave up while she yakk'd in the toilet. I mean seriously unless your a tween and your up talking on the phone i don't expect that from a grown ass man at 5:30am. Next time it happens I'm gonna pull out my phone and have a Fake convo and Include the words "This Guy"  and "wont stfu" also "Sitting Right Behind me" with a "yea i don't think he knows its 5:30 in the MORNING" then I might sprinkle a "Hey Can you keep it down I'm Talking on my phone!!!"
or maybe next time ill hand him one of these cards

On to bigger and better things.
I ate these wings last night from villamonte and I'm paying for them now (i have the best segways).....8 bucks it cost to have your ass burn like it was the fourth of July....
Gezzzz there was more then rockets with Red glares I can tell you that dear sirs and maams. lol I'm sorry I'm in Rare form this morning, and hey my rants are mild compare to the rest of the stuff on the Interwebs.

Music wise Ive been working on some gems and reassessing my goals and tighten up all the looses ends, more to come on the music front.
Ok back to the Grind
Now where's my Big gulp???

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