Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life is good

I really feel that life has handed me a golden gift. I'm really blessed to be given this gift of music, Helping out fellow musicians is a treat as long as they don't try to suck ya dry in the process, if that's the case I press the off button. But for the ppl eager to learn I welcome it as long as your heart is pure with music and not greed.

On a different note ;)
My dreams of playing out live with my music is coming to light, I have been doing alot of searching on what and where would be a good road to go down. I've decided to take the road less traveled. What road is that you may ask....well I guess your gonna haven't stay tuned.

As far as whats been baking in the oven ... I can tell you this.... If I was Willy wonka and made beats they would be swwweeeeeeeet!!!!!! Haha!!! Zang!

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