Friday, December 16, 2011

Influences and Individuals

I'm very happy that there are people in this world that inspire me in many ways. Musically I have a lot of tracks from various artist of many genres that push me to higher levels.  Pete Rock, madlib, Peanut butter wolf, Dj Premier, Cool Herc, Rza, Dj shadow, E.L.P , Miles Davis, Bach, led zep, vortex cookies, etc the list could go on forever. My point is that I listen to the Passion that each of these people have put into there songs, each one mentioned here and ones not mentioned, they took precious time to create there master pieces. Inspiration is all around us musically and in our everyday lives.
Life inspiring events good or bad teaches us various things on many different levels. Just know that life is meant to be enjoyed, You the reader along with myself were placed here on this planet to make our mark in the world. Whether its a pebble thrown into a pond that cause's a ripple effect, or A Hug, or a smile, or a great piece of music, or words from your mouth, All these things are so influential depending on what your intent is behind these things. If you breathe Negativity you will be give out and influence in a negative manner, If you breathe life and positiveness then you breathe life into others and fill them with positive vibes.

When your are influenced by a person (say by music for example) my advise to you is to go your own route with it, do not try to emulate this persons style, sound, or context, but rather use the bits that you have received by listening or watching to feed your ideas, People put allot of thought and passion into there ideas/Projects and the last thing someone wants is a individual that is just copying everything they do, they say that imitation is a form of flattery ..... maybe back then but as time has proven things change, The goal here is to be original at the same time you are being influenced, and using that influence to grow...People should not act like Xerox paper. Also if you are deliberately "taking" Ideas, style, context of your mentors, that makes you are the worst kind of student and in turn makes you a shallow human being. Remember to breathe life not take it away. People are more hip to what you are doing then they tend to lead on when you have deceit in your heart/actions. In everything you do there should be truth. In every step you take in life it should be true and 100% pure. Lead by positive example this is what makes great inspirational people.

There are leeches out there no doubt about it, there always will be. Just learn how to get rid of people like that. They will do you know good in life as well, not just music. Trust me Ive had my share and still to this day I have to trust my judgement and just pick them off one by one. I think I speak for the majority when i say "I don't like being taking advantage of" , I absolutely can not stand it!!! This is why when I'm sure things are going south i have a Auto-matic disconnect attitude when it comes to people that just "Act".

With that being said Please Understand that my movements are always foward, Life/Time doesnt stop for no man, It keeps going long after we are gone, and ill be #$@#ed if I let someone just come in and play me for a fool. Im passionate about my craft just as you the reader are passionate with a part in your life. Ive worked extremely hard at getting where im at in life and im not gonna just let a person or persons come in and con me to get the Map to where im at. Ive found my own way ....can you find your own?? This is what i love and Ill Protect it with my life.

Music is Life
Life is Love


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