Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good Morning

So today all I can think about is getting to the gym after work to do cardio. It's strange that I've found that working out gets my mind and creativity going. Granted that its only been 3 days of hard training , I can deff feel a difference! Been sleeping good for the past 3 nights (out cold by 10:30 lol) , and Ive started feeling like I have more energy.  I started making a playlist of my tracks and others for inspiration while I'm at the gym. What a way to multi task!!! Training the mind aswell as the body. I gotta tell ya what I've began to do is not easy, but I got good motivation (my brother and cousins) whom got me started on this new lifestyle.
Sometimes you have to sit back a listen to your family they know a lot of helpful knowledge, who better to have your back then, blood is deff thicker then water.
Today isn't gonna be a big entry just wanted to get a morning one in and get used to writing something everyday.

Ty for stopping by have a great day!!!!



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