Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Night Sessions we will be here where will you be??

 Hey Guys and Gals..sign up for exclusive Fan access to VIP tracks and be apart of the street team. Help get my music out there..if you dig what i do..Hey Tis the season why not??

Well today is Friday and you know what that means SESSION night!!!! Yea got Arthur and Possible G-Regs stopping by to get on some tracks in the studio...The SSP is full effect..Been a long week and the weekend is finally what does everyone want santa to bring them?? Ive been really i have been lol.....Anyway I tried to get some Christmas Shopping done and its a mad house at the local Mall...To many People Runnning around it seems to get worse every year..They seriously need to expand the parking lot or build one of those highrise parking lots...INSANE!!! Well Currently mastering a few old tracks and converting them to Mp3 format for reverbnation..I put a Track up called "Last Dayz" revamped alil gave it more spices...ya know. Please check it out im sure you will dig it!!! But you have to sign up to access it ..its a FAN VIP Stream!! Im going to upload some more this weekend Early Sat Morning before heading out to see family and what has anyone been playing Call of Duty Black Ops?? How crazy is this game...If anyone has Xboxlive let me know maybe we can get a game going?? sound good..let me know i will post my SN on here send a request..:) ok enough babbling..gotta get ready for tonight...who knows maybe ill jump on Stickam and bring my Turntables out..we will see...Much love to you all...

Sending out that positive Energy


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