Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Musical Chairs

Angelo%20PalermoSO back at it again...Tonight was session night...The collabs keep coming..Me and Arther are working on a SSP track..its a secret project we have had going for a while..Looks like its coming into fruition...Its good to take a break from personal tracks and dive into a fresh coat of paint from a different angle..thats why I love Music!!! Its so diverse the combinations are limitless...As for my personal tracks i am converting them Reverbnation from my myspace page..Plus i have about 5 new tracks ill be introducing to you fine folks of the world.....So please check back freqeuntly..
Tonights blog is gonna be short due to me working on things around the studio and house...but tomorrows blog will be more interesting just wanted to take 5 mins to say hello to you ppl and give a haeds up on the on goings over here...Well with that i bid you guys/gals a fine fairwell till tomorrow...Please click the banner in the upper left hand corner foor my Reverb nation page and check out my 2 tracks i have up ... thank you all again...

Much Love


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