Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Big Chill

CAN YOU SAY BRRRRRRRRR!!! Its 18 degress out and the wind is making it seem like its 10 Degress...Heat is on and im Blasting it at 75...its tooo cold and i know the snow is on its way....Booo!!
Unless im snowboarding or sledding ol skool...i dont like the snow. Well been bizzy promoting the site..and many thanks go to the fans and street team..you guys/gals are so awesome...with all foundations a structure is needs a indestructable base...you guys are that base..thank you from my heart..your love for music..and my music is undescribable..and artist should reconize there fans more often...with that being said..I have some news about a new track ive been working on dubbed for now "march of the Wooden Snares" just in time for Christmas.. ;)...You guys are gonna Dig it....EggNog Beats ;) OK well im outty 5000 need some eats..Hmmm maybe some Pho-Mac Veitnamese food MMMMM lemongrass chicken...and Tao Special Bubble tea...WERD!!


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