Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ya know cartoons arent the same when i was a kid in the 80's we had the best cartoons...why you asked well let me indulge your curious mind..In the 80's almost all the cartoons had 3 min intros and the theme songs were amazing!!1 take Voltron for Example...Scifi Defender of the Universe with a kick ass orch composition with metal guitars and triumphant Horns section with Moog synths... simply tough as nails cartoons got you pumped to watch them mostly because of the great soundtracks..nowadays most cartoons are way toooooo P.C and are robotic (no pun lol ) what happen to just getting to the end of the week for Saturday morning to come...grab a big bowl of cereal and put the volume all the way up on the T.V. and GO CRAZY because G.I joe was coming on...I guess i'm still a kid at heart... this is why i love Youtube its like a huge historic vault filled with the past goodness thats able to transport me back to my childhood and my love for music...and of course when my parents got me a fisher price record player that actually played vinyl My fisher price Record player when i got this i immediatly ran sacked my Pops record collection and found the first song that would catapult my intrest /Love for was a 45 of "The Spinner" Hit "the Rubber band man" Man the vocals, horns, and Bass line to that song still give me chills..

Thus my moto for living "Interaction = Inspiration


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